Cambridge School Of Visual & Performing Arts


Established since 1985, Cambridge School Of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA) is specialized in the Creative Arts and Performing Arts Cambridge Education Group (CEG), one of the leading groups in providing have the best training programs in the world. Academy has 25 years of experience in supporting student orientation and construction firm knowledge base of Art and Design, Drama and Music. Cambridge Arts Academy is located in the city of Cambridge, which promises to bring more experienced students interesting tasks with specific cultural features of each region.

With 65 years of experience in training, boarding school CATS commitment to quality and learning conditions of students:

- 36% of teachers at CATS College graduate from Oxford or Cambridge.

- The criteria for student-centered, each student will have a personal tutor support daily learning and helps students choose universities, courses, majors and future careers

- 75% of students attending college Subs achieve excellent results and received an offer of the schools in the Top 30 ranked magazine Times

- Modern learning environment, living quarters for students vary in price, location, equipped with full amenities.

- Many international students studying in Vietnam and achieved the excellent academic results (100% received an offer from Russian Group)

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1. Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE / Pre-Programme: math-English-language arts (mandatory), bio-chemistry-physics (optional)

2. A Level / Fast Track A Level Programme: Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language School, Arts, Applied Mathematics, Geography, Politics learning and administrative, History, History of art, Law, Mathematics, Media, arts photography, Political Science, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Language

3. Certificate in International Baccalaureate:

4. Foundation:

5. Advanced Foundation:

6. Academic English:

7. school semester:



University Foundation

A - level

Academic English


(3 courses / year)

£ 29.790

£ 29.790

£ 29.790

Meals, accommodation, books

9,150 - £ 21,090 (depending on the study area)

Total cost

~£ 41,000 / year (depending on the study area)

The average tuition: 750 million / year / 3 hk (depending on the study area)

Meals and activities: 530 million / year / 3 hk (depending on the school and housing areas)


- Good English level (assessed by tests CSVPA)

- Have good academic results and good results in 2 test subjects related to the school

- Interview


- GCSE / Pre-Programme / A-level / Fast track A level / International Baccalaureate Certificate / Pre-University / Foundation or Advanced / English academic / school semester: January, 4, 7, 9


There are many types of accommodation for students to choose (homestay or campus) students (on campus), in the same family with several rooms near schools or individuals in the area near the school ... Costs living at around £ 9.270 - £ 21,000 per annum (depending on the school and the shelter area)


- Application for admission of school

- By junior high school graduation / transcript / certificate completed grade 9 / transcript / academic achievement
- Certificate in English (if available)


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