Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent university, universities in the top 10 universities with the proportion of graduates to find work in Britain

University of Nottingham has a long history of teaching students from Vietnam. School currently has 145 students from Vietnam are studying (2011/2012 According HESA).

Nottingham Trent University in the UK ranked 42 according to The Guardian Guide 2010. The school is located in the Top 15 in the UK for the majors: engineering, media, art and design, biomedical technology, policy and social management foul…

For over 160 years of teaching and research, Nottingham Trent University is one of the leading universities in the UK's largest. Since 2004, the newly constructed buildings have changed the landscape of the campus with the three new theater district, restaurants, reception areas, student services and libraries. Dormitory is one of the best places in the UK with psychological laboratory in Chaucer and observatory in Cliffton. The University has around 24,000 students currently enrolled.

Faculty of Art and Design is one of the best faculty in the discipline of the UK with many quality exhibitions, graduates of the faculty are the subject of the major companies in this sector.

Business Faculty of NTU has become one of the leading science, pioneer in combining education with practical business.

Faculty of Law is also well known as such. The other faculties including the Faculty of Design and Architecture, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Computer, Biomedical, Natural Sciences and Biology, Environmental Sciences and remote region is also famous.

School location:

Located in the heart of England, Nottingham is a vibrant city, dynamic, and rich cultural heritage. Nottingham officially was voted as one of the city's best shopping outside London, and there are many places for sports activities. The entertainment activities of the city at night with a variety of live music venues, nightclubs, theaters and bars.

Nottingham Trent is one of three universities in England and Wales with the proportion of graduates employed after 6 months was 97.5% and the school ranked first in the majors Architecture, Art, Design and Law .

Nottingham Trent University in the UK ranked 42 according to The Guardian Guide 2010. The school is located in the Top 15 in the UK on specialty mechanical engineering, media and communications, art and design, biomedical technology, policy and social management…

The school has its own language center is located in the campus, offers academic English courses for international students, helping them afford to equip specialized in school.

Students will save a school year when students enroll via: Nottingham Trent International College and Nottingham Trent

University, at the same time, save the equivalent amount of £ 15,000. Nottingham Trent International College is located at NTU, getting students through grade 11 (study 4 years: pre-university, years 1, 2, 3 university) or 12 and older (3 years: college and years 2, 3 university) in special programs at schools; Students then transfer to a university.

The training program:

The University offers more than 500 courses for the pre-university level, college, graduate ... at three training institutions. Typical training sectors include: Arts, Business (economic, financial, commercial, accounting, marketing ...), science, design, architecture, construction, management, law, teacher education, environment, agriculture ...

Learning pathways for students VN:

- 11th grade students will be attending pre-university and college advanced college. The total duration of 4 years. Pre belt or school, college freshman, 2, 3. Cardboard time school is 4 years.

- 12th grade students will attend college, college 2 years. The total course duration is 3 years. Or pre-university school, university. The total course duration is 4 years

Tuition 2013-2014

  • Pre-university courses £ 11,530 / year
  • Arts and Social Sciences from £ 12.830 / year
  • Engineering and Natural Sciences from £ 16.510 / year
  • Master of Business Administration from £ 22,000 / year
  • Master in Finance and Investment from £ 18.750 / year
  • Master of Business Administration from £ 15,500 / year
  • Medicine year 1 and 2 £ 17,400 / year

Housing services:

University of Nottingham ensure housing services for all international students attending post-graduate program within one year and international students attending college in 3 years if students send confirmation study in University of Nottingham, and housing application before the expiry date of the filing.

From 80-140 £ / week

Entry requirements

- Conditions English as entry requirements for all courses of Nottingham Trent.

- Most of the Nottingham Trent course requirements students have proficiency in English: IELTS 6.5 (reading + writing 6.0) or TOEFL 560 paper (writing: 5.0) and TPEFL iBT: 83 (Post 24);

- Students graduating from high school in Vietnam could register Foundation Course

- Students in IB 28 points can subscribe University degree courses Bachelor Degree.

- For undergraduate courses: will be evaluated based on the learning outcomes of the A-Level or Foundation.

- Graduates of prestigious universities in Vietnam can be admitted to the postgraduate courses.

- For the master course: undergraduate GPA: 7.0

- Students who already hold a Master can study for a doctorate.

Activities for Students:

The school owns several facilities and student support services such as:
• Vietnam Union Assembly
• Student Services
• Service support international students
• Career Development Center

Nottingham's Assembly delegation at the most popular areas in the Student Union. With more than 200 associations, everyone can choose their own union associations, including student council Vietnam Group. Please see more information at

Why should you choose to study at Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham Trent International College

One of the modern university's largest and most successful in the UK

Top 10 about employment opportunities after graduation, is a great opportunity for investment. NTU has strong links with over 6,000 and extensive labor recruiters worldwide. These links are being achieved through our reputation for the corresponding professional capability and award-winning quality that we are very proud. Our courses meet the needs of the labor market after graduation and was designed in conjunction with industry through negotiation, dialogue and regular exchange of staff and students. Thus, graduates of us usually occupied senior positions in companies worldwide.

City cultural diversity

Nottingham is a great city of the UK, is located less than two hours to London by train. It is a cosmopolitan city and multicultural with a combined living and integration in Asia, Africa, Canada-Caribbean, and the European Community. The cost of living is significantly lower than many other cities in the UK, especially London.


We provide our students with the means of learning and classroom teaching class. You will have an exciting time period when the study here. Since 2004, more than 130 million pounds has been invested here and make major changes to the three base our study.

International Scholarship Scheme

International Development Office to provide a range of scholarships for all international students (non-EU).

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