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Study in the LSE, students will pay out 19.717 pounds / year, including tuition and living costs are estimated at £ 59 152/3 school year. However, the total cost of such a high increase due in part to the annual rent (£ 8710), car insurance (£ 1,054) and the fee to participate in student events (120 pounds).

The study from 9 types of cost of living, which take into account the real factors in the lives of students, student, both from the cost of car insurance for the price per liter of fuel consumed on campus . And it's no surprise that universities highest ranked UK's most expensive schools. University College London ranks second with living expenses and tuition is estimated at £ 53,954 / 3 years, Imperial College London came in third place with £ 53,822 costs, while Oxford and Cambridge ranked No. 4 and 5th at an estimated cost of £ 50,540 and the order of £ 47,997.

A spokesman for the LSE has protested the results of the study. This person said that the survey does not accurately reflect the cost of studying at LSE. The study did not mention the generous scholarship awards that 1/3 of students in school receive. In addition, the study taking into account the cost of car insurance at a university in central London such as inappropriate.

Surveys show that the annual rental costs of universities in London exceeds £ 7,000, at Cambridge and Oxford is about 5,000 pounds. When asked about the cost of this, over 78% of respondents said that Oxford and Cambridge University's most expensive.

Ukash, supplier payment services online, compared the cost of living in the top 20 universities of the United Kingdom before UCAS application deadline this year to help students decide to choose this venue mine. "We published studies comparing costs with the aim of helping students who wish to study at the top universities but costs less" - Ukash Marketing Director, Miranda McLean said. "And we are very surprised surprised to see the incredible difference in the cost of that".

The University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and St Andrews has the lowest cost of living, and each student pays just £ 9.587 / year. This figure is not only a staggering figure £ 10,000 less than the most expensive but also the combination provides students the gym membership card and students attended the event with an average price £ 96 / year, it is very inexpensive compared to the price of £ 160 / year at LSE.

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