Centennial College


  • Is the first public college in the province of Ontario - one of four schools met all five criteria for the quality of training by the Ontario College Quality Assurance agency inspection Service.
  • The University has four campuses dedicated to different disciplines that is Ashtonbee, Morningside, Story Arts Centre, Progress.
  • Each year, Centennial College welcomes 14,500 students and 25,000 school students to other programs (part-time, distance learning ...)
  • More than 100 programs in 160 full-time and part-time programs at the preparatory level, vocational certificates, college, college to graduate. With the diversity in the curriculum and school level, students can choose for themselves one his favorite discipline.
  • The school is fully equipped with facilities such as libraries, laboratories, computer rooms, art rooms, a sports center, the modern equipment to help students learn best.
  • Programme Co-op - paid internships for students. When participating in this program, students will have the opportunity to get a job immediately after graduation thanks to the practical experience during internships or may be the company admitted to his practice.
  • Affiliate programs with prestigious universities such as the University of Toronto and Ryerson University ... students can easily transfer to the training programs in Journalism, Communications, Nursing, Engineering, and Science environment.
  • After graduation, students will be the guide, sharing very enthusiastic about working and residing. In addition, each year the school has officially recruit international students to work at the campus after graduation

= >> The program of Centennial College

  • Program Foundation (Foundation programs): preparatory program for students not eligible to register to participate in the school's college courses. In the program will help students improve English, equips students with the academic skills needed in college environment as research skills and essay writing.
  • College programs (diploma), certificate (certificate) and universities (Degree): provides students with the knowledge of subjects that you choose. Inventory preparation and professional skills for the students to meet the requirements of the job as well as the employers after graduation.
  • The Post - Graduate: This is a program to bring the best educational opportunities for students who wish to improve their graduate degrees. Curriculum 1-2 years, bringing practical nature with diverse professions students have many options.
  • The Fast - Track: This is a short-term program to meet the needs for many who want to supplement their knowledge and their experience. Besides, the program also helps to save costs and time in order to increase employment opportunities for themselves.
  • Language Learning programs: programs intensive English training to help improve students' English quickly. Provide students with the necessary English skills, qualified to pursue higher education programs.
  • Program Co - op: The program is a combination of academic knowledge and salaried internship program in Canada, to help students better understand the knowledge learned in the classroom and additional accumulation of practical experience In working process. Students will receive a salary worthy of their capacity, and help them improve the income to cover the future plans of the students.

Intake at Centennial College:

  • English: United winter (January) - Summer (May) - collection period (September)
  • Other programs: States winter (January) and the fall semester (September)

Financial problem:

Tuition for the program will range from $ 13,000 - $ 17,000. Here is the full schedule of fees for all programs at Centennial College


College programs and certificates

University program

Tuition 1 year



Costs incurred







There's also a number of other expenses:

Books and documents

$500 – $1000/semester


$500 – $1000/semester


$ 4,800 / 8 months - double
$ 7,400 / 8 months - Single


$995/ semester

Travel expenses

$ 8 for travel cards
$ 255 / semester for parking
$ 106 / month for the TTC (Toronto's transit system) to the bookstore

Other costs

$500 – $1000/ semester


Entry requirements

  • General Requirements: Completion of high school programs
  • English Requirements:

- College programs and certification (Certificate and Diploma Programs) or TOEFL IBT TOEFL 550 PBT or IELTS 6.0 80

- Foundation Programme (Degree and Diploma Programs) or TOEFL IBT TOEFL 560 PBT or IELTS 6.5 84

- The postgraduate certificate (Fast Track Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate Programs Ontario) or TOEFL IBT TOEFL 580 PBT or IELTS 6.5 84

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