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Canada is one of the ideal destinations for international students-students choose to study. Every year, Canada attract over 200,000 international students to study and research. To date, the number of international students to the country Vietnam maple leaf is constantly increasing.

High School System (TH) public Calgary (Calgary Board of Education - CBE, Alberta) - International students are sorted into the appropriate school interests and abilities as well as the wishes of your registration.

CBE is public education council Western Canada's largest, with 223 schools and 104,000 students, common training standards Education Program of the Provincial Government of Alberta. All schools in Alberta are required to follow this program. Students after completing full courses will be eligible to receive credit toward high school graduation in Alberta. Teachers of CBE is one of the pedagogical system has the highest qualification in the world. Complete our teachers must have a Bachelor Pedagogical University is accredited by the Government of Alberta. Many of them reach the level of Master and PhD in teaching and research, with a high sense of responsibility and love deeply profession.

With a safe environment and caring, the school received training international students from kindergarten to grade 12. The choice of each school in the school board will give priority at the request of students and location advantages for the home - where they live. As soon as the international students to the school, they will talk with the school counselor to choose the subjects you want to learn. During study, international students will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, including clubs, associations and teams HS sports competitions. You can register for primary schools in the system of CBE in a semester or longer to complete high school and high school diploma (High School Diploma) of Alberta.


  • Calgary Board of Education provides a wide range of curriculum choice. In addition to academic subjects, all students have a lot of other options, this is aimed at ensuring a comprehensive education for the children.
  • We offer programs to support English as a Second Language ESL free for international students.
  • Teachers have high qualifications.

Support for International Students:

The school Our School (provided the program in grades 10-12) promised to bring a positive experience by building systems coordinator of international students are:

• Orientation study and comprehensive social inclusion for children new to

• Encourage students to participate in joint activities of the school

• Increased opportunities to meet friends with native students

Conditions for Admission:

• All students are required to achieve good performance in the local schools.

• Applicants must submit transcripts with attendance and homework good sense.


  • School application fee: CAD250
  • Tuition: CAD11,000
  • Insurance: CAD 500
  • Housing: CAD8,000- 10,000

List of public elementary school in Calgary is an international student enrollment:

Bowness High School

4627 - 77 Street N.W., Calgary,  AB T2B 0C6 | Grades 10-12

Centennial High School

55 Sun Valley Boulevard S.E. Calgary, AB T2X 3W7 | Grades 10-12

Crescent Heights High School

1019 – 1 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2M 2S2 | Grades 10-12

Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School

220 Canterbury Drive S.W., Calgary, AB T2W 1H4 | Grades 10-12

Ernest Manning High School

20 Sprinborough Boulevard S.W. Calgary, AB T3H 0N7 | Grades 10-12

Forest Lawn High School

1304 – 44 Street S.E., Calgary, AB T2A 1M8 | Grades 10-12

Henry Wise Wood High School

910 – 75 Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2V 0S6 | Grades 10-12

James Fowler High School

4004 – 4 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2K 1A1 | Grades 10-12

John G. Diefenbaker High School

6620 – 4 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2K 1C2 | Grades 10-12

Lord Beaverbrook High School

9019 Fairmount Drive S.E., Calgary, AB T2H 0Z4 | Grades 10-12

Queen Elizabeth High School

512 – 18 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 2G5 | Grades 10-12

Sir Winston Churchill High School

5220 Northland Drive N.W., Calgary, AB T2L 1J6 | Grades 10-12

Western Canada High School

641 – 17 Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2S 0B5 | Grades 10-12

William Aberhart High School

512 – 18 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 2G5 | Grades 10-12

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