Singapore Vacation Noel 2016





I / Participants:

- Design science for pupils aged 7 years and older.
- Not at the level of English.

II / Deadline for registration: Starting 01/11/2016 to 22/11/2016

- Students who register early will receive incentives.
- Deadline to register prior to the date 24/11/2016. Students who registered after 11.24.2016 should contact a counselor to be sorted.

III / registration dossier:

1. Registration Form;
2. 04 3x4 photos (can be provided later);
3. 01 copy of birth certificate;
4. Passport or birth certificate (the earliest filing);
5. Registration fee: 6 million (inclusive fee deducted);
6. Rules signed by parents, students;



IV / Calendar departure & price: PACKAGE

Thời gian

Lựa chọn 1

Lựa chọn 2

Giá tiền

24/12/2016 - 31/12/2016

8 ngày

Học Ngoại khóa

& Kỹ năng sống

Học Anh Văn

& Kỹ năng sống

29.900.000 đồng

Package prices are inclusive of service: students do not pay any additional charges:

1. roundtrip airfare and two-way airport charges.

2. Tuition learn English or study sessions, extracurricular visit:

a. Option 1: The new extra-curricular classes, attractive, interesting at the Science Centre, Discovery Centre, New Water Plant ...: be instructed, introduced in English by Singaporean experts over the actual image , 3D, multi-dimensional space, sound, light with scientific topics, the latest technology, history, culture, society ...: help them to access new knowledge in the current World long.

b. Option 2: The registration fee and tuition and full English course materials, notebooks and pens.

At the end of the course, the school will be awarded a certificate in English for children in Singapore.

- Coleman College, established in 1987, has nearly 30 years of experience teaching international students with native English teachers qualified professional pedagogy, experienced, dedicated, enthusiastic help students will have the time to learn English effectively, engaging and fun.

- Duration: 3 hours / 1 day.

- The diverse topics, combined with traditional teaching methods and modern, with plentiful activities, intellectual games, group exercises, drama, apply knowledge into practice to help them improve knowledge faster, maximize the ability to enter the mind of the new, creating reflections communicate competently situations, confident presentation, essay, dialogue team.

3. The life-skills lessons: skills, life experience helpful, energetic, hardworking, safe, help them master the situation when the problem occurred, the sense of preserving the health care Friendly, confident communication, integration with modern living environment Singapore ... etc.

4. Throughout shuttle fee schedule in Singapore (luxury tourist buses, taxis, double-decker bus, subway, airport pickup in Singapore and Vietnam ...)

5. Cash in and use the playground, on-site services Apartment or Resort

- Apartment Homestay: Standard 2 to 4 people / room (large and small depending on the room)

- High-end resort, the new Down Town East: Standard 3 to 4 people / room.

- Students are using the entire equipment in the room and on site: air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, hot and cold baths, internet, sports, swimming pool, outdoor play area, gardens.

- Housekeeping: 2 days / 1 times. Washing clothes 3 days / 1 times.

6. All meals and snacks daily, festival banquets suitable to the taste and preferences of students, tasty, nutritious for the children during the journey:

- All three daily meals: Students choose rice and wheat Korea, Japan, Vietnam ... etc

- Fruits of all kinds, juice cay..v

7. All types of tickets visit, entertainment expenses:

- The entire cost of all tickets visit amusement parks, tourist attractions, popular impression, the largest in Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay ... Scheduled details.

- Visiting, shopping at many biggest Shopping Singapore: ION, Vivo, Marina bay Sands ... etc.

8. Guidance, support, monitoring, healthcare: Safety is the most important priority for them throughout the journey:

- Always have siblings who led the delegation Vietnam and Singapore experienced, professional organization, guidance, support and care, in the end, accompanying the children during the journey. Average one who led the delegation will be in charge of 10 students.

- Providing information and guidance, answers to students and parents need.

9. Purchase Travel Insurance abroad most senior grade C on Bao Viet was including Health Insurance prescribed by Bao Viet: healthcare, medical bills ... etc. Please see the details: Website:

10. Subscribe to health, medical care for the children:

- The lead group, which monitors the health and support each student during practice

- Doan is equipped with many common drugs: Tonics 3B, headache, low fever, cough, cold medicines, bandages, oil etc. to serve the wind .., timely care for students.

- Getting students visit at the Hospital's leading major Singapore government in case of need. Care costs while participating in the program will be made by Vietnam Insurance payments stipulated by Bao Vietnam (excluding travel: bus, taxi ...).

11. Gifts for students participating in the program:

- Donated backpacks and uniforms fashion shirts after registration.

- Offering hats and cards at the airport on departure day Vietnam.

- Give 01 souvenirs symbol of Singapore.

V / The delegation and the itinerary:

1. Hanoi and HCM 1. Union: there are people who led a delegation of students pick and fly with 2-way, way back.

2. Da Nang guess:

- Students will fly forward in HCM City and the delegation flew to Singapore.

- If there are groups of 08 students go 1 schedule (last date of departure and date of return) will be flying the same union who led the 2-D students from Da Nang to Singapore

3. Students in other cities depending on distance will move forward or fly to Hanoi or HCM to enter into union and will be supporting the domestic travel expenses as follows:

- Long Distance 150 km to 300 km: VND 300,000 / 1 students
- Long Distance 301 km or more: 500,000 / 1 students


- The amount of travel support will be based on information other than household or the student's passport.
- Students direct flights from Da Nang to Singapore will not receive cash assistance.

VII / passport Note: Students should make passport soon.

- Passport valid for at least 06 months before departure
- The children have a separate passport cup not so common with mothers.
- Workplace: Department of Immigration provincial city where students have their permanent residence.
- Time Passport: about 14 days (not including Saturday, Sunday).

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