According to Psychology as there is no lack of things to do as you think

Please read this article if you think according to Psychology will not know what to do after graduation.

Psychology - scientific research and application of human psychology is a specialized interesting and attract the attention of many young people. You love this specialization but fear that you will not have many job opportunities after graduation? There is a lot of work that suits you and psychology majors that you choose.

Working at a community clinic

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You do not necessarily have to be a master or doctorate can work at a community clinic where. With a bachelor's degree, you absolutely can study and work here then. Been exposed, talk to the patient, the life and helping them will make you feel happy, happy, and never boring.

Work at a hospital

Your college degree can help you open up more doors than you think. You can audition for a hospital and work in an extremely dynamic environment and professional. Here, in addition to work, you can be trained and learn from the practical knowledge you do not get at school.


This is a popular choice because there are so many universities and colleges open this specialized faculties. You can help inspire love for psychology majors are many others.

Make an administrative job in the medical office

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An administrative work can not your first choice when graduated in psychology. But working in an administrative job that will help you practice for the office work mainly focuses on the psychological, mental health, ... And this can be a valuable lesson if you're graduate school or open a similar office for himself.

Research at a hospital or other medical institution

Major hospitals usually do the research well, interesting projects to discover the different healing methods. You can start the research in hospitals or medical institutions from the smallest position.

Working at a magazine or journal Psychology Other

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With knowledge of psychology, you absolutely can work at a magazine in favor of psychology. You can read the forum on any magazine and penning try to prove their abilities.

Working at a non-profit organization

A lot of non-profit organization created to protect the psychological and spiritual health for humans. Look for a location that you feel fit to make society a better place.

Working in government

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The Ministry of Health also some positions require employees must have specialized knowledge of psychology. This is interesting work but relatively pressure.

Working in law enforcement agencies

You have been studying human psychology: there nice and evil? Use your understanding of psychology to work in law enforcement agencies.

According Quynh Trang / Intellectual Youth

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