International students Chef sector, Hospitality Management: Never too late

30% of college students from many different majors but still dreamed of becoming a chef or future Hospitality Management. So, never be too late if you really love and want to stick with the job long specialized in this.

For so long, and hospitality industry chefs has been a hot sector accounted for 13% of workers in France, the country attracts tourists number 1 in Europe. Forecasts the sector will create 65 million additional jobs in the new decade by the business owners are always looking for thousands of employees each year to meet the needs of the rising number of tourists.

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High demand for workers in the industry Chef - Hotels in France

"There is one thing that we never have to doubt, it is all our students have found jobs immediately after finishing the course," he quoted Patrice Larrosa - vice principal of specialized training hotels Jean Drouant restaurant in Paris, where about 530 students studying in senior technical specialty of this super hot.

By the French in the field of hotels and restaurants to be recognized and renowned worldwide. After graduation, you absolutely can get to Australia or Asia if you want to find a job without any obstacle. International business opportunities are open to all students of restaurant - hotel.

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The students chosen branch Cook - The hotel does not only have the opportunity to work internationally, but also can earn the job with an attractive salary after graduation.

The chef's needs in Vietnam is growing strongly, however, high-quality human resource is the huge shortage, because students are trained in the country heavy on theory, practice and weak missing hours Brother.

Currently the chefs working for 5 * hotel with terrible increase income per month, quarter or year. Private chefs are "care" very carefully from the allowances, salaries, bonuses and sales commissions as a year and have a minimum monthly income can reach 20 to 50 million.

The training institute of professional chefs in Paris are international standards and qualifications are recognized around the world. In addition to vocational skills training, students have good English so the opportunity for opening up not only in Vietnam. If interested in attending chef - Pastry - Restaurant Management in Australia, one of the best options for students as Le Cordon Bleu Institute ...

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According to the Asian Correspondent, LCB in the top 10 training facilities Cuisine and Restaurant Management, the world's leading hotels. "No culinary institute in the world that can compete with the prestige and the ability to link the LCB."

Established in France in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) is a specialist training academy Cuisine and Restaurant Management - outstanding hotel in the world. In addition to its headquarters in France, the LCB has nearly 60 establishments located in 30 countries around the world.

Each year more than 20,000 students worldwide register of LCB courses. Among them, there are so many names have become famous and well as alcohol worldwide. One of the typical character of the culinary arts Vietnam Duong Huy Khai chef, who became a renowned culinary lore for 4 decades. After graduating from culinary school training famed Le Cordon Bleu, he worked for restaurants and upscale hotels in the United States, winning many international competitions and now as a judge for the contest Vietnam's cuisine.

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Duong Huy Khai chef honored at the Culinary Academy of the world and is the owner of the restaurant chain for Ana Mandara in San Francisco elite. Le Cordon Bleu he graduated.

LE CORDON BLEU Why choose to study Paris Restaurants - Chef - Pastry - Hotels?

1. System facilities most modern

With the induction system and a separate kitchen area for each resident, full kitchen equipment bread, ceiling ventilation, kitchen temperature control and humidity, convection oven ... SV have great hours of practice Best. Not only can the system library, dining room, bar or the training room are sorted and arranged the most advanced technology.

2. Trained with each offering a very "French"

When students are studying in France for specialized restaurant - hotel, they will learn how to become the most professional staff. Students are trained in the ways schools with a very "French". Not simply warm attitude, creating comfort for the customers, but also very professional, very natural in every action, gesture and speech.

3. Attractive salary

Salary in the restaurant industry - hotels extremely attractive to all employees, is always higher than 1% of the minimum wage in France as stipulated by the government is 523 euros.

For example, when you are using the BTS (with senior technician) on NH-KS subjects, you start working in groups with positions waitress Flo, your monthly salary will from 1850 euros to 2000 euros. With a bachelor's degree and the team leader position, your monthly salary will between 2000 and 2300 euros euros. If you work in the kitchen department, your salary will initially around 1550 euros and certainly if promoted to deputy chef or chefs, salaries will be higher so very much.

4. Go to school but still pay

In the field of specialized training restaurant - hotel, they always have a restaurant or hotel is conveniently located in the truth. Students will be rubbed with the real environment, the customer is served at the hotel's restaurants or schools under the supervision of teachers, and of course, the students are paid for the hours that practices A perfect nay.Con when the school had just been paid!

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