About Us

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LEDC was founded and developed in conjunction with strong shift of the economy open and spacious international integration, the demand for high-quality human resources in Vietnam is becoming more urgent. LEDC consists of a team of education managers and teachers for years of experience and enthusiasm, LEDC is proud to be one of the reputed company in the field of student counseling, training and translation with a staff, counseling staff of experienced, enthusiastic, fully capture information about study abroad countries.

LEDC is a bridge for the students, students from Vietnam have dreamed of learning, research and development abroad, expand their knowledge, and have the opportunity to integrate with the development of countries in the world , is a reliable place to help parents make firm steps and safe in the process of building the future for their children's career.

We are constantly developing the system of international cooperation in education, creating opportunities for Vietnam students choose assess the type of training, schools and water suits capacity and conditions of ourselves.

LEDC is the official representative of the enrollment of many schools and educational institutions in reputation: CANADA - ENGLAND - AUSTRALIA - USA - NEW ZEALAND - SPAIN - SINGAPORE - MALAYSIA - SWITZERLAND - KOREA ...

with many programs and enough rank from: High School, College, University, Graduate, Bachelor, Master, ....

Also LEDC also Singapore Summer Study Abroad Program regularly for students seeking to improve English skills in preparation for the future, for their dream of studying abroad.

LEDC warrant gives You Parents are the most accurate information, the most useful and absolute support throughout the process of working to achieve the absolute final results, allowing developers dream of the children birth is done:

- Provide information, advice school choice, select appropriate industries, precision.

- Guidelines and procedures for admission and entry, proof of funds, the visa.

- Providing sponsorship program, contact the family - school - students, visiting relatives guiding procedures, guidance before flying, arrange accommodation.

- Support visa interview preparation, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC.